May 25, 2009

Super Motocross Race

We had a great time at the race, however we did not have a ride back to the hotel. So we hitch a ride back. It was quite the ride.

Las Vegas

May 14, 2009

Tyler receiving his Life 2009

Tyler has been working so hard to get his scouting done. He now only has to get his Eagle. We are hoping to get it done before he is 14. Way to go Ty Boy!

Kleyton 2009

Tler and Haylie and Parker having fun riding around with dad.

Moto at Kleyton

Matt flying high! What a stud!

My little Hip Hop Girl

Haylie has so much fun doing Hip Hop this year. I am so proud of her.

Haylie and Hayli Hip Hop 2009

Haylie Robbins and Hayli Wolford at there first dance competition. They both did such a good job.